Up-to-Date Overview: The Latest Developments in German Toll Refunds (Toll-Collect) as of April 2024


On March 20, 2024, the Administrative Court in Cologne reached a pivotal decision in a landmark case, confirming that toll rates charged between 2016 and 2020 were erroneous. The court determined that toll overpayments amounted to 5.86% for the years 2016 to 2018, and 4.44% for 2019 to 2020. Furthermore, claimants were awarded interest at a rate of 5 percentage points above the base rate under EU law, dating back to the initial payment of the tolls.

This judgment substantiates our claims for refunds over the entire contested period. Assuming all submitted documents are deemed valid, there should be no hurdles in disbursing the owed amounts.

However, the efficiency of the German office responsible for managing these claims, BALM, remains uncertain due to its current backlog. Our legal team will maintain communication with BALM to obtain updates on their processing capabilities. We are actively advocating for the prompt payment of at least partial compensation for the period from October 28, 2020, to September 30, 2021—a timeframe BALM has recognized and begun settling with some claimants.

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