Truck Cartel, AT.39824 Update 


All parties presented their arguments in court, and currently experts are reviewing them. Three positive decisions favour the plaintiff, confirming damages in leasing and purchases.

In October, the Federal Court of Justice will hear more appeals, but the plaintiff-friendly direction is clear.

Most lawsuits (over 260,000 truck damages) are pending in Munich.

Claim Status
Multiple lawsuits have been filed. Expect hearings in the Munich Regional Court’s plaintiff-friendly Civil Chamber in winter 2023/24.

Notable Events

  • Frankfurt Higher Regional Court ruled on October 10, 2022, not allowing an appeal which means that the judgment is final and binding. The court’s decision was influenced by three decisions from the BGH (Federal Court of Justice in Germany) and is beneficial for the Truck Cartel´s victims as it effectively concludes the legal process, enables them to promptly pursue compensation for damages, and sets a precedent for future cases. 
  • Naumburg Higher Regional Court’s plaintiff-friendly ruling heads to the Federal Court of Justice on October 10, 2023.
  • Madrid’s Tribunal Supremo favored plaintiffs, with 5% plus interest.
  • Some defendants settled in London to avoid judgments.
  • Berlin Regional Court ruled for damages of around 10% of the purchase price.

Optimism prevails due to positive Federal Court decisions and Munich’s progress.

Time Frame
Negotiations expected in winter 2023/24.

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