Royal Mail and BT awarded over £17.5 million in damages against DAF Trucks


The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal recently awarded Royal Mail and BT approximately £17.5 million in damages from DAF Trucks for the Trucks cartel scandal, which is the UK’s first successful follow-on damages claim in the long-running Trucks cartel scandal
The Tribunal’s decision comes after 14 years long investigation which revealed that MAN, Volvo/Renault, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), Iveco and DAF had engaged in illegal price manipulating activities and have since been subject to a collective action which seeks to recover damages worth £2 billion. 

The Truck Cartel scandal is yet another example of how companies have been exploiting vulnerable consumers in order to maximize their profits. Price transparency and fairness in the trucking industry should be a priority for manufacturers. That is why the claim for damages is exclusively against the manufacturer and at the German court. The dealer or the leasing company is not affected to the least extent, due to the fact that this company was also a victim of the truck cartel, and is not guilty.

Under the joint and several liabilities of the Truck Cartel, any member can be sued regardless of manufacturer or dealer. Even if you have bought or leased IVECO trucks during the Truck Cartel period, you don’t have to claim damages from IVECO.

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