Required documents for the Financing Agreement and the Sale of Claims

  • Extract from the commercial register
  • Invoices or leasing contracts (scan copy). (purchasehire purchaseleasing) It is important that the chassis number of the vehicle is listed on the documents. In the case of a leasing or hire agreement, the total amount, including the down payment, all monthly instalments and any residual value, must be clearly visible.
  • Copy of the vehicle registration document
  • Proof that you have operated each vehicle for at least 36  months. If you are still owner of the vehicles, the easiest way to prove this is to provide a copy of your current insurance policy. If you have sold them in the meantime, please attach the sales invoice. (It is not a condition that the vehicles have not been sold in the meantime. It is only expected that the trucks were purchased as new vehicles and have been in use in the company for at least 36 months.)

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