Report on Truck Cartel February 2023


Truck Cartel, AT.39824

All parties have presented their arguments in court. The first results of the court-commissioned expert opinion have been presented and all quantum experts will review and send their statements by the end of May.

Favourable Court Decisions

There have been already 3 favourable decisions made. This is also unreservedly positive for the plaintiff and confirms there are damages for both leasing and purchases from dealers. More importantly, in a recent ruling, the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main did not even allow an appeal to the Federal Supreme Court. This is a clear expression that the essential liability issues in the Truck Cartel have now been clarified and the regional courts can work through the cases based on fixed guidelines.

Most of the lawsuits in Germany are pending at the Munich Regional Court; currently around 120 lawsuits with a total above 260,000 truck claims.

Claim status

We have filed several lawsuits both for entrepreneurs and for municipalities. All of them are pending at the 37th Civil Chamber of the Munich Regional Court, as we have taken appropriate measures to ensure that the cases being heard by this chamber which is known to be open to arguments in favour of the plaintiffs.


Given the favourable decision by the Federal Court and based on the encouraging progress in Munich, we are optimistic to get compensation in your case.


Cartelists must make their submissions by end of May 2023 and we expect hearings around this summer of 2023.

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