Reimbursement of the HGV toll – apply for the full amount!


Following a change of the legal basis, there will be a partial refund of the German HGV toll.

But be careful: this refund only covers a fraction of the actual claim!

The offered process will reimburse the reduction for one year period only.

With proper representation by a specialised law firm, a refund for 3 to 4 years can be obtained.

In fact, because of the violation of European law, it is not excluded that a refund for up to ten years could be granted in the future.

Furthermore, the formal procedure only covers the costs of the traffic police, but not the much higher amount of improperly collected tolls related to the interest on the debt. Here, the amount that could be recovered can be up to seven times (!) the amount offered.

Summary: you can apply for a smaller amount on the portal operated by Bundesamt für Güterverkehr or decide for requesting the considerably higher amount with no risks involved.

Remember, all EU citizens and companies are entitled to a refund for Toll-Collect charges paid on German roads between 01.01.2018 and 30.09.2021.

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