Only 4 months left to act for those who want to get compensation


The explosion in costs and fuel prices that is taking place in Europe before our eyes is putting an extraordinary strain on truck operatorsadding to the inevitable wage increases of recent years. It is safe to say that businesses have been unable to pass on these increased costs in full due to increasingly fierce market competition. Very few options are available to offset these effects. Truck cartel compensation offers a completely risk-free way to do this until the end of November 2022.

By the end of 2022, the vast majority of claims in the truck antitrust case will be time-barred, says Dr. Werner Meier, an expert in antitrust law at one of the leading law firms, Marzillier, Dr. Meier & Dr. Guntner Rechtsanwalts-GmbH, Munich.

Considering the work and time required to prepare for the initiation of proceedings and the year-end rush resulting from the gradually increasing interest, it is guaranteed that those claims will be accepted for which the complete documentation (invoices and leasing contracts proving the purchase) and the signed mandate contract and power of attorney will be received by the end of November 2022.

The remainder of the year is expected to be very eventful, with unofficial reports indicating that the first written opinion of the IFO Institute on the damage determination is expected within weeks. In the Munich District Court I alone, 250,000 truck cases are awaiting this extremely important development.

The expiry of the limitation period also means that vehicle manufacturers may be more willing to enter into out-of-court settlements (which they have so far completely avoided), as no further avalanche of claims can be expected after this date.

To sum up, this is the last time that businesses that bought or leased at least 5 new trucks between 2007 and 2016 in any EU Member State, the UKSwitzerlandIceland or Norway can claim reimbursement without risk. In the light of favourable Supreme Court rulings, the procedure in Germany is expected to be the fastest. Unlike in the past, truck rental companies are also invited to apply.

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