Navigating the Road Ahead: Updates on the Truck Cartel Case in the Netherlands


Initially, expectations were high for a decision in October regarding the first batch of claimants in the Amsterdam court. This decision was anticipated to set the tone for subsequent claim batches, including the 3rd batch to which your claims belong.

However, things took an unexpected turn. The court handling the 2nd batch decided to ask the Supreme Court for guidance on the applicable law on November 8th. This surprised many, as the previous decision favoured Dutch law and was seen as a pragmatic approach.

This change affects all claimant batches. The court’s decision on the 1st batch might be delayed until the Supreme Court responds. This delay is also likely for the 3rd batch, including our clients.

Currently, efforts are focused on estimating how long the Dutch Supreme Court will take to answer the questions raised.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated on any significant developments. The situation has added complexity to the case, affecting the timeline and decisions across all claimant batches.

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