Good news for non-EU truck owners in truck cartel compensation case


From the outset, the whole procedure has only allowed companies based in the EU to claim compensation.

From a legal point of view, this is an understandable limitation, as the European Commission’s resolution did not provide a stable legal basis for initiating proceedings outside the EU and investors were reluctant to take on this significantly higher risk.

Understandable, but unfair from the point of view of the local companies, who have also been harmed by the cartel of the truck manufacturers.

Our experts have therefore always sought ways to extend the possibility to claim risk-free compensation in truck cartel cases to countries outside the EU.

Unfortunately, this has not been fully successful, but we can now report at least a partial breakthrough.

Companies located outside the EU that bought at least 50 new medium or large trucks from the manufacturers of DAF, MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Renault or Volvo or their dealer network between 2006 and 2012 can claim compensation with our help if the seller was an EU-based company (with a valid EU tax number).

This might be a great opportunity for companies from Russia, Ukraine and Turkey among others to receive an extra income.

Even more, the selling of the claim is also an option, which results in a payment within 30 days.

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