Deutsche Bahn vs DAF – another successful settlement in the truck cartel dispute


Deutsche Bahn (DB), the German railway operator, and DAF, the Dutch truck maker, have agreed to end their legal battle over the truck cartel scandal. The two companies have reached a settlement on the compensation that DAF will pay to DB for the harm caused by the cartel.

DB, one of the largest purchasers of trucks in Europe, sued the truck makers for damages in 2017. DB claimed that it had bought around 35,000 trucks for more than 2 billion euros during the cartel period and that it had paid inflated prices due to the cartel. DB sought more than 500 million euros in damages from the manufacturers.

The amount of the compensation was not disclosed, but it was reported to be “in the lower double-digit million range”. The settlement resolves the dispute between the two companies and avoids further litigation.
This settlement follows a similar trend, as other companies like Waberer’s, Royal Mail, and BT were also awarded compensation in 2023 in relation to the truck cartel case.

It’s noteworthy that these settlements are helping resolve the disputes between truck operators and manufacturers, potentially sparing both parties from prolonged legal battles. However, both DB and Waberer’s are still actively pursuing its claims against other truck makers, indicating that legal proceedings in this complex case are ongoing.

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