Cartelists have already set aside provisions of more than €2.5 billion


Eindhoven-based DAF Trucks reached a settlement worth €550 million in Q1 of this year with transport companies who overpaid for their trucks as a result of illegal price fixing. Paccar, which has owned DAF Trucks since 1996, made a $600 million provision to compensate transporters who filed damage claims due to the prohibited price agreements that led to fines by the European Commission in 2016. Several Dutch transport organizations, filed a claim against DAF and four other truck manufacturers in Amsterdam last year, seeking compensation for overpriced trucks. The court is set to rule on their claim in autumn, as the plaintiffs claim that their transporters paid 15-33% too much per truck due to the price agreements.

In addition, both Daimler/Mercedes and MAN/Traton have already made provisions in excess of €1 billion each in Truck Cartel cases.


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