And what about Scania now?


The Scania case is special.

While the other 5 cartel offenders fully confessed and admitted all offencesScania is still resisting. A fine of 880 million euros was imposed on Scania.

Scania had to pay this fine because the decision had been issued and was enforceable. That means that the money could have been enforced by seizure of accounts.
Scania can only hope to win in court, in which case that the money would be paid to them back of course.

Scania has appealed to the European Court of Justice. In view of the overwhelming evidence, it will be more than difficult for Scania to have the decision declared invalid.

In any case – and this is very important and very advantageous – the limitation periods against Scania were suspended for the time being. So then, if Scania will be found guilty the company can still be sued in a few years after the case against them was finally closed.

If this happens, all purchase and leasing transactions will be actionable against Scania, including purchases from Daimler, MAN, Renault/Volvo, Iveco and DAF.

Newest update: The European Court has dismissed Scania’s lawsuit and upheld the € 880 million fine

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